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Tilt Five: AR Tabletop Gaming

Tilt Five is a pioneering company in augmented reality (AR) gaming, renowned for its groundbreaking AR glasses. The company seamlessly merges the digital and physical realms, offering an immersive gaming experience where holographic images are projected onto a game board. Tilt Five aims to revolutionize gaming by providing a unique AR gaming platform that combines the best aspects of traditional tabletop experiences with modern technology.

Explore the contents within, from sleek AR glasses to a versatile wand, unlocking a realm of limitless gaming possibilities.

Kickstarter Campaign

Tilt Five XE Kit

Out of the box you'll have access to free games as well as thousands of officially licensed RPG adventures, and a multitude of classic tabletop, action video, puzzle, and party games.

Items included in the XE Kit: Glasses, Wand, Nose Piece Variety Pack, USB 3 Cable, Large Game Board
(31.5" by 31.5" to 42", with kickstands) & More.

Source: Tilt Five

My Role

In my role, I focused on designing the XE kit box packaging to tell the story of gaming history leading to Tilt Five's innovative brand image. Through visuals and graphics, the packaging captures key milestones, showcasing the company's commitment to pushing boundaries in the gaming industry. This design not only functions as a protective casing but also serves as a narrative canvas, immersing users in the journey from traditional gaming to Tilt Five's cutting-edge experience. This approach enhances the overall product presentation, creating a unique and engaging connection between the user, the product, and the rich history of gaming.

A woman holds the Tilt Five XE Kit box, unlocking a world of immersive experiences at her fingertips.

Tilt Five XE Kit box, a perfect blend of style and functionality for the next level of gaming

In summary, the XE kit box packaging blends protection with a narrative of gaming evolution, showcasing Tilt Five's commitment to innovation and a seamless merger of tradition and modernity.

Elevate your gaming experience—order your Tilt Five today.

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