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Assistive Music Technology

The inspiration to create an inclusive mobile guitar tuner app for the visually impaired struck me when I discovered Google’s groundbreaking “TalkBack” Braille keyboard feature for Android. Witnessing the thoughtful and transformative potential of this technology for people with visual impairments immediately captivated my attention.

Source: UX Planet

Revolutionary Passport Access

Our world is marked by constant movement and an ever-increasing need for seamless access to vital documents. Travel and mobility have become essential aspects of modern life, calling for innovative solutions to meet the evolving challenges of identification and security. As a traveler myself, I understand the frustrations and inconveniences associated with traditional passport procedures. It is precisely this understanding that fueled my determination to craft an app that transcends boundaries and streamlines the entire process.

Source: UX Planet

Tech Literary Renaissance

Poetry has respectfully sat still during advances in the digital age. A move that has penned the common phrase “poetry is dead”. Many writers’ rebuttal, “poetry is not dead” falls short after being uttered, because it’s difficult to see the field’s advancement and efforts. However, amidst the ebb and flow of various literary art forms in the face of modern technology, there lies a beacon of hope that can illuminate poetry’s path to revival.

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