Package Design for Tilt Five

Tilt Five is an electronics company offering Augmented Reality glasses that open up a whole new holographic game space with tabletop gaming.

The Task

Create packaging art for Tilt Five's XE Kit campaign on Kickstarter.
Read more about the kit here



To create a graphic that emblazoned history, technological revolution, and culture in the gaming industry. 

Inspiration + Process

Tilt Five, Design Concepts.png

The first design iteration featured an abstract holographic background image, Tilt Five logo, and a gameplay image.

Tilt Five, Design Concepts.png

The back design featured a holographic and vector image background with content and gameplay images displayed.

The second design iteration featured the Tilt Five logo, a gameplay image, and a vector illustrated timeline.

Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 11.46.46 PM.png

The back design featured a vector illustrated timeline in the background, scattered hexagons, and content and gameplay images displayed.

After deliberation, the design objective was focused to create a history of games depicted on a path or road that wraps around the box. Depictions would be the earliest games all the way to board games, arcade games, console games, virtual reality, and holograms in full vector illustration.

Deliberation Mockup:


Final Design Iterations

I researched the history of gaming, popularity, existing technology for reference and quality. After research, I moved on to vector illustration. Here are the final designs.

Front Design

Tilt Five, Front Box Design.png

From the top:

- Mancala

- Ur

- Chess/ Checker Board


- Mahjong

- Pong

- Shuffleboard

- Dice

- Dominoes
- Guitar Hero
- Arcade Machine
- Smartphone
- T5 Glasses

- T5 Wand
- T5 Board


Back Design

Tilt Five, Back Box Design.png

From the top:

- Polyhedral dice

- Playing cards

- Tic Tac Toe Board

- Dart Board

- Pinball Machine

- Game Board Pieces

- Puzzle Pieces

- Computer

- T5 Glasses

- T5 Wand

- T5 Board

Inside Design

The inside design features a welcome message, gameplay instructions, and a QR code. This would be displayed in the inner lid.

Packaging layout for print design.

Final Mockups

Order your kit, and learn more about Tilt Five here!